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OOTD: Travel Chic (Day 1 in Madrid)

I was late getting out of my house to get to the airport. A few minutes down the road I realized I left my sunglasses. After going back to get them and heading back out, I realized I left my charger. Luckily, I made it to the airport in time. Just in time to find out that my flight to NY was delayed. It was so delayed that I almost missed my connecting flight to Spain. I literally hyperventilated, almost cried and then had to get ushered through the long ass security line and escorted to my terminal. To those of you that know me, this will come as no surprise…and almost expected.

Note: If you ever have the chance to fly Iberia, do it. I got the warmest greeting in Spanish as I walked onto the plane and I was immediately put at ease with the lounge music playing in the background. The seats were comfortable, the amenities were great and everyone looked happy…my kinda vibe.

I arrived in Madrid, Spain the next morning and met up with my girlfriend who is currently living there. I had some time to decompress at her house before changing clothes and heading out to explore the city. I threw on a pair of harem pants (designed by my beautiful friend, Tania in Los Angeles), a grey tank, leather jacket, leather hat and my chucks. Super comfy yet chic. Or maybe I should say super comfy to a point. By the end of the day, my feet were pretty cut up. Blister Nation. I actually spent the whole 2 weeks of my vacation with at least 4 band-aids on at all times. Word of advice: Chucks aren’t made for walking (not for my feet anyways). If you’re going to be spending long days walking and wandering around somewhere, then I would absolutely suggest packing or buying a pair of actual walking shoes. You probably already know this tho. I’ve never walked so much in my entire life…so, lesson learned. P.S. I’m obsessed with doors now.

ootd travel chic

ootd travel chic

snakeskin leather cross body bag ootd_harem pantsOutfit Details:
Harem pants – VFGxTaniaSarin

Leather Jacket- Zara (older style)
Tank – Victorias Secret
Sneakers – Converse All Stars
Sunglasses – Chanel
Leather Hat – RR Traders (amazing local boutique in Newburyport, MA)
Snakeskin Leather Crossbody Bag – Nordstrom

More posts about my trip to Spain coming soon!


Reduce Waste & Hydrate In Style

I’m not really sure why it took me so long to get a reusable water bottle. I think it’s because I don’t have a reverse osmosis water filtration system in my home and also because I fell in love with drinking the alkaline water that I would buy at Whole Foods. Purchasing a reusable water bottle would mean that I would have to fill it with shitty Brita filtered water and quite honestly, it just doesn’t taste the same.

I had a moment one day at my parents house where I decided I absolutely needed to stop purchasing plastic water bottles. See my Dad, as great as he is about being healthy and living sustainably, purchases cases of Arrowhead water bottles to drink instead of the filtered water. All around the house are scattered wounded soldiers left behind from visitors or sitting on a side table, unclaimed by its forgetful owner. He proceeds to get frustrated when he finds these half full water bottles and labels it as wasteful…hmmm.

Anyways, I did my research and found the Klean Kanteen water bottle to be my safe & healthy alternative to plastic. Their bottles are responsibly made from food grade, toxin-free materials and handcrafted to last a lifetime. I found their newest model, the Klean Kanteen Reflect, to be exactly what I wanted. Unlike the other models, it is made with just 3 materials; sustainably harvested bamboo, food-grade silicone and stainless steel. The logo is laser etched so there is no paint and no plastic. The mirrored finish adds a chic-ness to it that had me sold. If I had any complaints about this water bottle it would be that it can be a little noisy when opening and closing it since its metal clashing against metal. The only time it made me feel awkward was in my quiet yoga class when it was the only sound in the room. Other than that, bravo!

Disposable bottled water consumption creates up to 1.5 million tons of waste per year. If you haven’t purchased a high quality, reusable water bottle already, maybe now is the time to do so!

Casual Chiccutoffs & a t-shirt, chucks, silver accessoriescutoffs & a t-shirt, chucks, silver accessories, Klean Kanteen Reflectcutoffs & a t-shirt, chucks, silver accessories, Klean Kanteen Reflect

Purchase the Klean Kanteen Reflect

*Photos taken at the Artichoke Reservoir in Newburyport, MA

What To Wear To A Concert

I woke up today and looked out the window. It seemed as though it was going to be a lovely Fall day, reminiscent of sometime in late September back in 1991…Nevermind…it was actually Spring, in the year 2014. Whatever, in my mind it’s Fall and it’s 1991. The blooming flowers outside are now leaves changing from green to yellow, red and orange and I just remembered that I have tickets to a concert tonight…

Well now, the question is: What should I wear to this concert? The answer is easy. Something cool, comfortable and can transition from day to night. Pair a vintage band t-shirt with some rocker chic black leggings. Tie a grungy plaid shirt around your waist (borrow/steal one from your dad or boyfriend…don’t buy that shit brand new), it’ll come in handy when the sun goes down and it gets chilly. If you want a slightly polished look then trade in your chucks for some comfortable, low-heeled ankle boots and Chanel cat-eye sunnies. Pile on the gunmetal jewelry and don’t even think about washing your hair…or curling it…or brushing it…or making it look pretty. What would Kurt Cobain do? Do that. Dunzo.

90's Grunge Style: Nirvana band tee, liquid leggings & plaid shirt90's Grunge Style: Nirvana band tee, liquid leggings & plaid shirt90's Grunge Style: Nirvana band tee & plaid shirt90's Grunge Style: Nirvana band tee, plaid shirt & gunmetal jewelry90's Grunge Style: Nirvana band tee, liquid leggings & plaid shirt

4 Perfectly Pretty Dresses to wear on Valentines Day

The day of love is quickly approaching and if you’re anything like me, then you wait until the last minute to figure out what you’re going to wear. After some unsuccessful searching you end up throwing together an all black outfit paired with a bright red pout and call it a day. While that’s a perfectly fine choice, I have to say it’s way more fun to wear something red or pink…it just makes you feel feminine and girly, as you should on this special day.

Below, I have posted my top 4 dresses to wear for Valentines Day 2014

valentines day dresses
1. This pretty, pale pink dress with textured floral pattern and tulle underlay is perfect for a more conservative affair. Basanti Sleeveless Flared Skirt Dress – BCBG

2. Knock em dead in this super-hot strapless dress with pleated skirt. A great choice for a single girls night out or a sexy dinner date. Midnight Fire Dress – Nasty Gal

3. Brighten up the night in this floaty long-sleeved dress. This style is pretty versatile and can be dressed up or dressed down with the right shoes & accessories. Ramy Brook Paris Dress – ShopBop

4. This gorgeous, printed maxi dress is made for the boho glam girl who likes to be different. Definitely my top choice…paired with a leather jacket and ankle boots!  For Love & Lemons San Marcos Maxi Dress – Free People

What’s your favorite?

Let Your Sequins Show


I’ve been slacking on my blog lately but for a good reason. I’ve decided to move back to MA for a bit to take care of my Mom and to start studying Holistic Nutrition. It’s a major decision and quite wild but I tend to be spontaneous and enjoy change so I’m pretty excited about it. Soooo, about my outfit. Well, this is what happens when you really need to do laundry…you pull out the stuff you typically never wear. I layered a vintage Narciso Rodriguez sequin tank over a black lace slip. It looked too sexy for where I was going so I added this casual, striped tank over it and finished with a leather jacket (of course). I was pretty excited to bust out my Alexander Wang heels (that never see the light of day). I recently got my hair highlighted too! I totally splurged and went to Ken Paves Salon in Beverly Hills. I highly recommend going to Joey for hair color etc. He is an amazing person and super talented…definitely worth the splurge.