Increase Your Intake Of Vitamin L

While doing some of my required reading for school, I came across a paragraph in the book Staying Healthy With Nutrition that was so powerful I wanted to share…

Many people feed their bellies but not their souls; this will not lead us where we are meant to go in health and in life if we are not healthy or have less energy.

We have many more mouths to feed other than just our oral cavity…

Our eyes need to be nourished with color and beauty, our ears with music and the sounds of nature, our nose with the natural aromas of the world, our hands and body with the touch of another, and of course, our heart and spirit with the love and friendship of other living beings.

In other words, using some Vitamin L – Love for self and others, the activator of all healthy choices.



Thought of the Day

This quote by the Dalai Lama really resonates with me right now. For years I was on a mission to make more money and to move up in my career. I was in a place where my job defined who I was. I lived to work…and when I left work, it followed me home, I made it dinner and then it climbed into bed with me and kept me awake all night. It was only after I lost my job that I was able to fall in love…to have a real relationship with someone…an actual human being. I had time to appreciate the beauty of love and to enjoy the people around me. I had time to talk, to listen, to have a conversation, to tell a story, to help heal my friends that were hurt and to learn how to let go of anything that wasn’t serving me. For some people success is the only key to happiness, but for me the key to happiness is to love and to be loved.

A Futuristic Winter

There’s something about this Editorial (shot by Zoltan Tombor for the latest edition of Grazia Italy) that I just completely fell in love with. The vivid colors, futuristic fabrics and modern silhouettes are the perfect remedy for those Winter blues.

See additional images via Fashion Gone Rogue.

Africa meets Neon

I woke up today with a massive cyclops zit on my forehead and I thought to myself..great, my day is going to suck! But then I met Irina Graewe … virtually of course … I mean she has no idea who I am … Anyways, she literally brightened up my day with her stunning portfolio. I was über inspired when I saw Africa meets Neon … The creative way she plays with color and print put a smile on my face … Hopefully drawing attention away from my forehead.






Check out the rest of her portfolio here

For the love of leopard

Let’s face it, leopard will never go out of style…and I’m perfectly OK with that! This amazing print was around in the 20’s but really became popular in the 50’s when style icons like Bettie Page and Ava Gardner started rockin it. Check out some of these vintage photos! So glamorous and sophisticated…I’m in LOVE.

Leopard Fabric Fashions by Eliot Elisofon for LIFE magazine, 1953


Bettie Page


Claudette Colbert


Ava Gardner


Dancer, Cyd Charisse


Suzy Parker for LIFE magazine


Barbara Hale


Barbara Streisand


Marilyn Monroe